Pressure Washers, Service, Parts, Detergents, and Accessories

Midwest Service Equipment has been a leading distributor for Alkota Cleaning Systems since 1968, providing satisfied customers across Wisconsin with cleaning solutions. Our goal is to help make your job easier, run more efficiently with less time spent on your cleaning projects.

At Midwest Service Equipment our technicians can custom design a solution for your specific cleaning needs. MSE has pressure washers from 200 - 10,000 PSI, featuring cold water, hot water, or steam. Moveable pressure washers can be had with 2 or 4 wheels. We also have units that are mounted on trailers to provide you with portable, heavy-duty cleaning solutions. If you want to maintain a stationary pressure washer, MSE can also provide solutions for an installation of that nature.

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Pressure Washers

Midwest Service Equipment provides cold and hot water as well as steam pressure washers. Systems are available in two-wheel, four-wheel, or stationary models. These pressure washing systems can be powered by electricity, gasoline, diesel, or natural gas.


Midwest Service Equipment has cleaning options for all your needs. Whether you need detergents for cleaning your truck, car, or RV, remove grease from your farm equipment or wax your speedboat, MSE can provide a solution. Bring us your cleaning problem and MSE will provide a solution.


After extensive use during a busy month or simply over years of occasional cleaning projects, parts in your pressure washer can wear out, break, or become unusable. MSE has technicians available to come to your site and quickly repair your equipment.


Need a new nozzle for your pressure washer? Time to replace your trigger handle, wand, or hose? MSE can provide replacement parts for all makes and models. Order online, over the phone, or in the shop, MSE will get the part to you at the most reasonable cost, in the quickest manner possible.


Midwest Service Equipment can provide your business with products to help you use your pressure washer more effectively. MSE can provide water softeners that will lessen the hard water spotting that can sometimes occur if well water is your only source. There are also hand-held as well as floor style bristle scrubbers. MSE can even provide a vacuum cleaner to solve that old age question of “What do I do with all this dirt and dust”.