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Water Softeners, High-Pressure Cleaning Accessories & Vacuums

Can't find the right equipment to do the job? Tell us what you want and we will help find one to fit your needs!  For more information on any of these models shown below, just call to speak to one of our representatives.


Eliminate Hard Warter

Water Softeners are needed for 85% of water used in the United States. Minerals in hard water can deposit in pipes and on surfaces forming scale. This can clog pipes over time and decrease water heater efficiency.  More Details


High-Pressure Cleaning

Mosmatic Professional cleaner with recovery function is ideal for cleaning large areas both indoors and out. Dirty water is recovered with your vacuum system and can be disposed of or recycled.  More Details


Vacuum Cleaners - Wall Unit

The high performance and reliability of central vacuums that are entirely made in North America and renowned worldwide for their durability and exceptional performance.  More Details