Pressure Washer Cleaning Supplies

Midwest Service Equipment can provide numerous products to meet your needs, MSE has a variety of detergents, liquid wax, degreasers, rust inhibitors and salt neutralizers that will work with your pressure washer to produce excellent results. Our products are 100% biodegradable.

Listed below are some of our more popular products.  Can't find the cleaner you need to get the job done? Give us a call (262-679-2777) we have more options available!   Print List



Cabinet Washer Soap
Specifically designed for cleaning aluminum and all types of "soft" metals with hot jet closed cabinet spray systems especially when a lot of rust inhibitors are needed.

Lume Brite

Aluminum Cleaner and Brightener
Used to clean and brighten unpainted aluminum surfaces without damage.

Diamond Glo

Sealer Wax
Sealer Wax and Hot Wax. Produces a brilliant shine


Aluminum Cleaner
Z-Specialty Products offers a product specifically designed for cleaning aluminum transmissions and all types of "soft" metals that need hot jet-spray systems.

Panel Bright

Truck Wash
Designed to clean over the road tractor/trailers and other types of commercial vehicles. It will clean painted surfaces without damage.

Hot Stuff

Steam Cleaning & Pressure Washing Degreaser
Hot water degreasing cleaner


High quality degreaser that contains an organic solvent to dissolve grease, oil, mold, mildew, soap scum, etc. Great for cleaning RVs, buildings, trucks, trailers, etc.


Truck Wash
Pressure wash soap for the removal of road film from cars, trucks and trailers without scrubbing,

Liquid Coil Clean

Descales Coils
Used to clean the coils in your hot water pressure washer

When you partner with MSE, you get cleaning solutions that will protect your bottom line.