Graffiti Remover

Have You been Tagged? If so, We have solutions for you. We have two great products to help remove graffiti, Tagaway and Taginator.


TAGAWAY - Biodegradable Graffiti Remover

Tagaway is a biodegradable graffiti remover that works great on smooth surfaces such as Signs, Trucks , Cars, Glass, Lockers, Desks, Bathrooms and virtually all smooth surfaces.  It's the preferred product by Public Works, Highway Authorites, School Districts, Trucking Companies, the Military and many more.


TAGINATOR - Biodegradable Graffiti Remover

Taginator is biodegradable graffiti remover for masonary. This liquid sprays on quickly to remove graffiti that even has been painted over. It works great in all climates hot and cold or wet or dry and makes barrier coating obsolete.  Taginator works on rough surfaces such as Brick, Cement Block, Slate, Sidewalks, Stucco, Granite, Terra Cotta and any other surface you have.