Cabinet Parts Washers...By Precision Metal Works

PMW Cabinet Parts Washer Units - Shines for Our Toughest Wisconsin Customers

MSE understands the investment customers make in Cabinet Washing Equipment throughout the years.  We understand the importance of learning your application and make certain you're getting the right Cabinet Parts Washing Machine for your application. Each customer's Cabinet Washing Equipment solution is recommended and built to outperform your expectations for years to come. 

Partnering with "Precision Metal Works" - a leading manufacture situated in the rolling farm country of eastern Iowa has made a reputation as a high quality manufacturer of Cabinet Parts Washers. They have earned a reputation for quality and integrity - making PMW a sought after partner in manufacturing. PMW produces some of the heaviest Cabinet Washers available and has been doing the dirty parts cleaning work for some very demanding customers world wide.  

Working for the biggest and the best companies (i.e... John Deere, Mercury Marine, Kohler Generator Division, Mead Paper, Kimberly Clark, Shell Oil, Honeywell, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Emerson Electric, Rolls Royce, U.S... Military, etc.), PMW has helped them establish quality standards that will assure your satisfaction.  The Cabinet Parts Washers made at Precision Metal Works integrate smoothly and efficiently into your parts cleaning operation. All their structural members are at least 1/4 inch steel and no casing material is less than 12 gage steel. 

We ask you to compare the weight of PMW Cabinet Parts Washers to others on the market.  Review their PMW models below for examples of their vast capabilities.  Download the PMW catalog for more info and specifications - Download-Catalog - 2.59MB - Cabinet Washers

MPW Model 110

The model 110 is the perfect Power Spray Washer for the small shop as well as an inexpensive additional washer for the shops overflow work. It will also eliminate the use of a solvent tank. The rugged, heavy duty welded construction assures years of trouble free service and includes key features resulting in performance benefits.

MPW Model 412

The model 412 is ideal for commercial rebuilders and large shops. This model comes with a 5 HP pump, 1/15 HP turntable gear motor, 12 Kw. electric heat, Insulated cabinet, Electric lockout, 70 gallon reservoir and 5 cu. ft. part basket standard. The door mounted turntable make more efficient use of your by allowing straight in loading with a fork lift. Other sizes & Options avalable for this model

MPW Model 112

The model 112 comes with a labyrinth door design that eliminates the need for expensive replacement parts. Its 32" work height will accept any automotive block, cylinder head or transmission body in todays market. There are also nine large steel jets to assure quick, thorough cleaning, call MSE today for more information.

MPW Model 612

The model 612 is ideal for commercial rebuilders and large shops and has many options available that allow the user to custom design the 612 to meet all applications. Its 42" work height will accept an automotive block, cylinder head or transmission body in todays market and has a 1000 lb. capacity turntable.

MPW Model 113

The 113 model has a 500 lb. capacity that can withstand multi-loading heads, blocks, transmissions or parts. It contains a spring loaded drive motor for constant tension and has a fully insulated cleaning chamber for inexpensive operation. This also has a door mounted turntable that provides easy access for loading or unloading.

MPW Model 812

The model 812 is ideal for commercial rebuilders, industrial application and large shops. Standard features include door mounted mechanical drive turntable, front reservoir, fresh water rinse with manual diverter baffle, 7-day timer and stainless steel wash nozzles. Optional features include wheel type oil skimmer, gas heat, low water shutoff, auto fill and bag house filter system. The 812 series is available in 6 standard sizes.